Change the way corporations work.
Collaborate with the nation’s top coders and solve practical business cases.

Come up with ideas that can change the way businesses work.

Create tools or applications with a potential of successful business outcome.

Engineering and
Data Science
Design and
Product Management
Sales and
Recruitment and
Employee Benefits
Infrastructure and

Leverage the technologies you admire.

Build applications out of your desire.

Internet of
Big Data and
Augmented and
Virtual Reality
Transform breakthrough ideas into world-class business solutions.
Be a lone wolf or team up with fellow dreamers and enablers to start a revolution of your own.
Take home a cash prize of ₹1 lac and other exciting hampers!

You definitely should attend this event.

Prizes worth X lacs and a golden chance to get the seed funding to boost your idea
Networking with fellow developers and major investors
Meeting with the best and the brightest technical and entrepreneurial minds
Lots of goodies and fun events
Opportunity to build the idea residing at the back of your mind for so long, all in just one weekend
A chance to be a part of the Innovaccer Team
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