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Get quick access to data from multiple disparate sources integrated into a single data lake and quality reporting tools you need without being blocked by technical implementations or complexities

Patient Level Tracking

Monitor and measure accurately time-stamped, real-time record of the quality of care being provided to every patient 24/7. Analyse the process improvement and evaluate effectiveness enabling you to make timely interventions.

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Integration pipeline
Simplified Reporting

Take your pick from more than 800 measures from NQF, CMS, PQRS, HEDIS®, and many more quality reporting methods and various programs. Our Quality Reporting platform can easily ingest CMS provided patient lists and share it with the PCPs to identify and fill data gaps, and maximize incentives.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Automated Quality reporting

Our Quality Reporting module automatically extracts relevant data to track and report on the selected measures and generates an easily accessible report. Monitor and measure the quality of care being provided to each and every patient on the go, and plan timely intervention.

MACRA Within Your Reach

Leave all the administrative burdens of MACRA to us, make it customizable to your specific programs and ease reporting to make your organization future-ready for healthcare reimbursements. With Datashop, easily report your performance in all categories of MIPS to CMS via a qualified registry.

Enterprise Master Patient Index
Highest quality reporting data for shared savings program in the state of New Jersey resulting in 20% more shared savings for Health network on largest commercial payer’s contract
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How we help you with Quality Reporting?

Drill down to perform analysis from aggregate to individual level

Over 800 quality measures compliant with NQF, CMS, PQRS and GPRO

Automated EHR data extraction and measure calculation for real time quality reporting

Customizable view to monitor the most meaningful data and workflow

Set goals and monitor performance in real-time against your benchmarks

Identify and address gaps in care with detailed predictive analysis

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