Deeper Patient Relation

Connect with your patients with everything you need to know- at your fingertips

Higher Efficiency

Simplify the time-taking tasks of yesterday and switch to faster and reliable decision-making

More Earnings

Capture the underlying gaps and growth opportunities to deliver the best outcomes across the network


Power-up your practice

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The most advanced practice management system

Smart Scheduling

Seamlessly manage providers’ appointments and send personalized reminders to help your patients easily connect with your practice.

Customizable Shifts

Smoother handoffs supplemented by drag-and-drop functionalities to create multiple calendars and manage shifts, working time, and non-working time

Patient intake and onboarding

Take full advantage of the convenient technology to reduce paperwork, enhance record keeping, save time and money in your intake and onboarding processes.

Patient Flow Board

From upcoming screenings to referrals to entire care journey, effortlessly streamline the next steps for your patients.

AI-powered digital assistant

Supplement EMRs with insights

Deliver actionable insights to physicians right at the point of care including care gaps, dropped codes, risk scores, and due measures in real time- all within the EHR!

Simplify referrals

Schedule smarter referrals based on specialization, payer, or even language and geography, and ensure the continuity in care for your patients with zero paperwork.

Keeping physicians outcomes-oriented

Offer physicians a look into their performance and delivers insights into the number of care gaps they closed, their efficiency across cost, and quality of care, and keep them engaged.

Automated care management

Work Automation

Strategically assign tasks, prioritize patients, deliver custom-designed care programs, and automate follow-ups.

Configurable workflows and care programs

Ensure consistency and productivity by binding the care team together to a single, trusted source of information.

Measurable Outcomes

Analyze “Spend vs. Savings” by tracking all activities and interventions with real-time updates and drilled down dashboards.

Next generation patient engagement

Reminders and Alerts

Setup medication and appointment reminders for your patients so that they adhere to their plan of care.

Care Team Messaging

Patients can schedule appointment with their primary care physician. All available slots are available for the patients to pick whatever time is convenient.

Appointment scheduling

Patients can schedule appointment with their primary care physician. All available slots are available for the patients to pick whatever time is convenient.

Educational Content

Share educational content and reading material with your patients to help them understand their condition, and become confident in managing their health problems.

Integrated billing and analytics

Rich Analytical Features

15+ types of chart support with full resize / reshape capability, beautiful PDF exports, Email bursts to leaders, and email notification on drop or rise of KPIs

Full Spectrum of Analytics

250+ quality, utilization, and cost measures, risk models, and episodes supported with capability to build your own measure on-the-fly. Comes with six built-in dashboards covering quality, network, utilization flow, episodes, and cost of care

Quality reporting made easy

One click upload to automated and collaborative workflow for filling missing gaps. We save your iterations over hundreds of excel sheets and e-mails.

Customizable Workflows

Customize clinical workflows to suite how your care teams have always wanted.

Secure and Compliant

Innovaccer supports secure data transmission with HIPAA and SOC II certifications.

Two-way Interoperable

Bidirectional flow of data, to and from EHRs in desired formats from any organization.

Easy migration

Get started in a matter of hours. It’s quick to deploy and easy to migrate.

Be the leader of the grand transformation