Easy and Intuitive onboarding

Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform does the heavy lifting of onboarding beneficiaries and their family, neighbors, or home health providers into your organization’s data systems by uploading standardized medical record of patients onto the patient engagement portal. Patients can view their past procedures, episodes, and allergies in a single, comprehensive file for ease of access and mobility.

Caregiver Engagement Panel

Patient Engagement on Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform empowers caregivers by way of scheduling appointments, discharging patient with proper transportation means, ensuring medical adherence, and connecting with providers. They are in the care loop through information received via panel notifications, SMS, or calls and in the event of an emergency, IVR calls requiring Yes/No response are placed immediately to them.

Engage patients by push notifications, alerts, and dynamic schedules

Dynamic schedules for patients are generated based on their recent developments in care procedure ridding them of the load of manual work. Besides alerting the patients about any off the charts vitals, lab results, missed schedules, and upcoming tests, the Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform ensures a constant communication between patients and health coaches.

Multi-channel engagement for empowering patients

Patients can access their portal on their preferred device, while being able to view and share results with their PCPs, referred physicians, or care coaches. Patient-centric in nature, this portal eliminates the hassle of scheduling appointments by empowering the patients to book their hospital visits and to engage with care teams through a single click.

Shared decision-making

Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform Patient Engagement ensures that every patient has access to information about the current procedures that form a part of their care. Patients are provided with recommendations on medications they can take and possible treatments they can undergo while leaving the decision to them and their families for shared decision-making.

Wearables connectivity

Wearables and care sensors are easily synchronized with Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform so that patients’ health data is relayed to their physicians in real-time. With continuous monitoring, care teams & patients remain more informed about health statuses and possible preventive measures to be taken on recommendations by physicians.

Seamlessly connecting patients with care teams through Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform

Real-time alerts and push notifications

Multi-channel engagement

Well-informed and shared decision-making

Secure and HIPAA compliant information exchange

Regularly updated risk scores

Constant health status monitoring with wearables

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