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Monitor Outcomes With Patient

We calculate your quality measures from clinical systems, claims, labs, and other sources. Track your MIPS Composite Score by easily entering your consent forms and uploading documents for Advancing Care Information, and Improvement Activities. MACRA solution on Innovaccer's healthcare data platform also helps MIPS APM participate and replace MIPS measures with applicable measures from your APM.


Educate Your Team About MACRA

In-product guides and tooltips to help your team understand measure calculation, developing measure sets, what Composite Score is and how is it calculated, and a lot moreā€”all of it on the go through a point-and-click interface. With holistic knowledge on MACRA, reduce the cost of training, research time, and potential errors.

Better Care With Advanced Care Management

Stratify the patient population according to risk scores, frequent flyers, recent admits and readmits and identify at-risk population to timely engage them. Improve care performance and track performance via dashboards displaying scorecards to clinicians, including patient-level measure results and EHR source records. Generated automated care plans for patients who need care, including push alerts for care teams to easily track population health.

Simplified Reporting to CMS

We take care of all the administrative burdens of MACRA, make it customizable to your specific programs and ease reporting to make your organization future-ready for healthcare reimbursements. With Innovaccer's healthcare data platform, easily report your performance in all categories of MIPS to CMS via a qualified registry.

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Stay Informed

Automated alerts to keep you updated with latest information on MACRA, deadlines and experts takes.

Better Population Health

Leverage data to understand your population better and plan timely interventions for at-risk population.

Monitor Performance

Track drilled down performance of your network and predict outcomes based on current performances.

Estimate Your Payments

Estimate your Composite Score and payments after MACRA implementation.

Report Performance

Meet reporting requirements of MACRA and report via qualified registry

We will do the required heavy lifting in MACRA for you