We imagine a different future

A future where machines will talk, a future where organizations will be organisms, and a future where life will be different - we will need a fundamentally easy way to embrace Big Data, we will need the will, the vision, the leadership, and the flamboyance to make Big Data applications accessible for everyone.

We are building the next generation of data driven products and platforms. Our AI driven products and platforms to help enterprises leverage their data assets for improved data driven decision making.

We are looking for people who fit our Culture.

Make our customers heroes

The only reason we will win is if our customers win - We play to make our customers win big


What would you do/want if you were the other person - understanding this creates a bond - a bond that ties you together for success. Empathize.

Win as a team

Talent wins games, teams win championships. Make your team win.

Take moonshots

The incessant pursuit of "big" leads to amazing outcomes. Don't try to come 2nd or 3rd because it's going to be as hard. Play to win big.

Be transparent

Transparency is magic - the mere presence of it creates trust, collaboration, and togetherness. Be Transparent - always.

We ship amazing products – It’s a different kind of cool.

For our Big Data Platform to our game changing applications - we believe in creating and shipping amazing products. That is hard and an extremely large responsibility. We work at a break-neck speed in high-energy environment and fight new challenges everyday. If you can handle the adrenaline.

We work really hard

15 hour work days are a norm - We know that's a lot but we are building something that can create a huge impact and that's always hard - we believe there are no shortcuts to getting there - so we work hard.

We solve massive problems

Transforming global Healthcare, Integrating Enterprise Technologies, Transforming manufacturing operations, mining the web to to discover emerging important global issues. These are hard problems that aren't being solved by a lot of companies.

We use cutting edge technology

Our solutions need to scale globally. Our stack works on Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Angular, and D3. We breathe tech - we are really building stuff that can scale globally.

Looking for a way to create an impact – come over.

Looking for a way to create an impact - come over. Looking for a job - it’s not really the right place. We’re not going to lie, it is not going to be all rainbows and sunshine. But, when you fall, there will be people to support you, and when you succeed, people to cheer for you. It’s going to be one crazy ride, and if you get time to catch a breath, you’ll be amazed just how far we’ve come, together.