Analytics that Drive Effective Population Health Management

Track any measure or quality benchmark in real time - have the right information at your fingertips.

Track the metrics that you desire

Switch from pre-made dashboards. InGraph brings you customizable features to meet your specific needs and give you a competitive edge.

check_circleSelect from a spectrum of 800+ measures

check_circleOver 60 features to stratify populations

check_circleMore than 50 adjustable visual widgets

check_circleCustomizable dashboards

check_circleUnlimited patient and disease registries

Rich spectrum of interactive analysis

Analytics with InGraph guides you through the blind spots in your network. Find and optimize the core drivers behind the performance of each measure.

check_circleIdentify at-risk patients

check_circle Examine high-utilization measures and cost-drivers

check_circleTrack underlying utilization patterns

check_circleMonitor adherence to medication

check_circleEliminate episodic cost and outcomes variations

Switch to simplified reporting

With simple uploads and multiple views for all quality measures, reporting is straightforward with InGraph.

check_circleSingle-click uploads and downloads

check_circle Automated quality measurement

check_circleCollaborative workflows for your teams

check_circleManual entry of skip logic, tickets, and notes

check_circleRich filter interface with multiple views

check_circleGPRO and MIPS compliant

Maximize the value of data

Tap into any detail of your network and drill down to any facility or patient with InGraph’s personalized reports, notifications, and dashboards.

check_circleDashboards accessible across your network

check_circle Rich PDF prints download

check_circleRegular email alerts on changing metrics

check_circleBurst emails across the network

check_circleAccess control at an individual record level

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Learn how healthcare networks can expand their access to reliable data and further increase their improvement gains, based on a platform that manages over 10 million lives.

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Increase in Reduction in
Cumulative Total Returns


Missing Patient
Records Fixed


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