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cloud_circle 200+ Data Connectors

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Data Sources

Electronic Health Records
Claims and Billing Files
Practice Management Systems
Financial Systems
ADT Feeds

File Formats

HL7 2.x, CCD/C-CDA, X12
Delimited Files (CSV, TSV, DBF, Pipe-separated)
Nested Documents (XML, JSON)
SQL Databases (MySQL, MS-SQL, OracleDB, HedisSQL)
NoSQL Databases (Postgres)

Code-free integration with pre-built connectors

InData puts you in control of data integration by leveraging our proprietary visual extraction, transfer, and load pipelines. Gain control of your data without having to write a single line of code.

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Holistic patient profiles for care
teams and physicians

A complete view of the patient in one window

InData delivers a 360° view of the patient without switching between applications.

Reduce the clutter in your data

Don’t worry about duplicate patient records or accurate provider attribution with our robust EMPI engine, patient matching algorithms, and identifiers.

Integration pipeline
InData + InCare for Care Management

A Unified Platform to Empower Patient-centric Care → Explore

Derive insights from complete population health data

Integration pipeline

Finally a data source you can trust

With over 60 quality checks, InData ensures highly accurate transformations, normalizations, and consistency across data.

Explore seamlessly with SQL-based querying

InData allows users to quickly navigate through the data and distill insights using standard queries.

InData + InGraph for Population Health

Empowering healthcare with real-time insights → Explore

Case Study

A data-driven foundation for insights-driven outcomes

Learn how a unified healthcare data platform eliminates the lack of visibility, and steers the network to accurate, patient-centric care in real time.

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