Interoperability with healthcare data platform

Take financial management a notch above the rest

Leverage healthcare data platform to manage data and run analytics for creating a framework of continuous improvement cycles.

check_circle Monitor macro trends over time

check_circle Analyze cost distributions

check_circle Define budgets, benchmarks, and cost-allocations

check_circle Improve operational and clinical processes

check_circle Reduce redundancies

check_circle Increase overall margins

Interoperability with healthcare data platform

Continuous data integration using InData

Integrate both, structured and unstructured financial and clinical data at-scale with the data management and analytics platform

check_circle Set up near real-time data streams

check_circle Translate data inputs into a common standard format

check_circle Integrate clinical, claims, and financial data into a master schema

check_circle Fetch data from human resources management systems

check_circle Understand operational metrics better

check_circle Drill down on financial information by different departments

Interoperability with healthcare data platform

Analytics and visualization using InGraph

Improve cost efficiency and drive several intervention steps with industry’s most flexible and transparent analytics and reporting solution.

check_circle Operationalize real-time analytics

check_circle Perform revenue cycle, cost and margins, and operational analytics

check_circle Drilled down view of data by provider and patient

Powerful Analytics on Revenue Cycle, Costs, Margins & Operations

Interoperability with healthcare data platform

Enhance revenue cycle with advanced analytics

Identify, define and close gaps in revenue cycle processes with an advanced analytics module, running on InData.

check_circle Detailed information on charges, payments, days in A/R, financial class, and collections

check_circle Quick data access and visualization

check_circle Identify opportunities for improvement

check_circle Evaluate the impact of pursued interventions

check_circle Improve self-pay collections

check_circle Investigate variances, unusual increases in A/R days, or other performance metrics

check_circle Increase time savings & more..

Interoperability with healthcare data platform

Analyze costs down to every detail

Implement an effective cost analytics strategy with a systematic approach by understanding the critical components of operational expenses.

check_circle Initialize horizontal cost tracking analysis

check_circle Identify physician variability

check_circle Evaluate resource utilization

check_circle Quantify financial outcomes of process changes

check_circle Benchmark services internally by hospital location

check_circle Identify cost-reduction opportunities & more..

Interoperability with healthcare data platform

Enable operational analytics

Gain a good grasp of overall cost and bottlenecks for an episode of care to ensure appropriate utilization of staff and simplified triaging between departments.

check_circle Identify underutilized departments and personnel

check_circle Compare DRGs with excessive LoS

check_circle Reduce waiting times & more...

A flexible platform to fuel your healthcare initiatives

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