Missed Coding Identification

Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform helps you integrate and streamline the clinical documentation improvement processes by accurately mapping the patients throughout the network who have been either potentially down-coded or have missed codes which affects risk adjustments.


Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform algorithm estimates potential risk down-coding impact and potential shared savings opportunity lost per patient so that you can prioritize patients to work upon. For this, Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform performs regression to find out the saving opportunities equated to actual dollars extended to all payers.

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Integration pipeline
Accurate Risk Coding & Alerts

Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform algorithm calculates and adjusts risk scores of patients by using risk scoring methods like CMS-HCC or HSS-HCC. On top of this, it keeps track of patients with sudden changes in risk scores for your care teams and notifies them about gaps in clinical documentation improvement process.

Clinical Integration backed Analytics

Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform identifies comorbidities, medications, problems, etc. after integration with EHRs for real-time feeds on patients needing attention and also the ones with downcoded risks for improved high-quality outcomes. Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform gives a complete chart of quality measures to the clinical documentation improvement staff for point-of-care support.

Automated Workflows

Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform creates automated work queues for your clinical documentation improvement staff with the list of all the patients that have been miscoded or need attention across all payers. They can view all the patients with documentation opportunities on their login account. The Platform also provides you with strategies for all the staff to tackle the work queues efficiently.

Dashboarding & Tracking

As your team is working with physicians towards clinical documentation improvement and thus maintain risk profiles, we automatically track which codes have been filled back and risk scores are captured to give you accurate visibility on shared savings opportunities captured and the overall return on investment.

Enterprise Master Patient Index

Why Innovaccer's Healthcare Data Platform ?

Scalable Data Integration

Clinical, claims, labs, and all other types of data integrated and analyzed.

Faster and drilled-down Analysis

In-built feature for in-depth analysis to find root drivers

Opportunity Highlights

Precise data analytics to identify care and savings opportunities.

Visually adaptive

User friendly and easy to use point-n-click interface.

Capture ROI

Precise data analytics to identify care and savings opportunities.

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