Compare multiple ACOs

Comparison of upto five ACOs at a time on various performance measures including Quality, Expenditure, and Utilization metrics.

Performance Drivers

Drilled-down analysis of performance on CMS specified measures- benchmarked against state and national averages.

Year-wise Trend Analysis

Comprehensive year-wise trend analysis of ACO performances since the beginning of the MSSP model.

A sneak peek into the data-driven world designed uniquely for ACOs

Interactive graphs

Presentation of performance metrics on a variety of graphs including bar charts, scatter plots, pie charts, heat map, among many.

Customized performance report

Personalized performance reports containing analysis on multiple measures including utilization, and cost drivers.

Advanced analytics

In-depth analysis and regression on data delivers insight to help the leadership figure out the roadmap to achieve the triple aim of healthcare.

Get your personalized ACO report to understand the value-based space around you